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Introduction of Edutainment Park System 이미지

Introduction of Edutainment Park System

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The goal of this lecture series is to find answers for alternative education paradigm with discussion of global risks we face now.
Reviewing various cases and stories within the framework of education, philosophy, sociology and economics, it analyzes current education system and introduce Edutainment Park System as an alternative with theoretical basis and practical model.


This lesson searches for risks and issues in a global risk society and talks about the need for alternative paradigm focused on Education with various cases and stories.
And it introduces the theoretical bases and features of Edutainment Park(ET park) System as an alternative education model and suggests importance of innovation based on community toward virtue-oriented society in the concept of LocaVation.


This lesson analyzes global risks and issues in the light of economic framework such as capitalism and suggests an alternative paradigm focused on Education to deal with and solve those problems at global level.

The concepts and models designed in ET Park and AEEP could provide a new understanding of the role and future of Education and broaden your insight into the attitude of life and future career.

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주차 주요내용 강좌개요 학습일
1주차 Risks in a global society explains risks in a global society with introduction of various cases and issues in the framework of education, philosophy, sociology and etc. 2017. 08. 28.
2주차 Importance of Community and Motivation in Education analyzes current education system at a micro/macro level and discuss importance of community and motivation in alternative paradigm. 2017. 09. 04.
3주차 Need for an alternative - ET Park System discusses need for an alterative in education and introduce ET Park System in the concept of Edutainment. 2017. 09. 11.
4주차 Global risks in Education introduces educational risks in modern countries and discuss future values to deal with those risks. 2017. 09. 18.
5주차 Theoretical Review of ET Park System reviews concept and features of ET Park in a theoretical basis and discuss importance of alternative paradigm based on community. 2017.09. 25.
6주차 Toward Virtue - oriented society introduces ALCoB Edutainment Exchange Model(AEEP) as an application model of ET Park and discusses educational innovation based on community in the concept of LocaVation. 2017. 10. 02.

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김영환 교수
김영환 교수

Ph.D., Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana Univ.
Master of Educational Technology, The Ohio State Univ.
Bachelor of Education, Pusan National University

2016 - Present, Project Consultant of 'ICT Competency Development of Elementary School in Kenya' funded by KOICA
2015 - Present, Project Manager of 'Development of Educational Radio Broadcasting system in Ethiopia' funded by KOICA
2015 - Present, Manager of Educational Research Training Program funded by AFDB
2005~2014 - President of Institute of APEC Collaborative Education
2006~2014 - Chidf of APEC e-Learning Training Center
2011~2014 - Lead Shepherd of HRD Woking Group of APEC
2007~2010 - Coordinator of Education Network in HRD Working Group of APEC


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부산대학교 교육학과 박사
e-mail :
운영 TA
부산대학교 국제교육개발협력협동과정 석사과정
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