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ICT-based Responses to COVID-19 of Korea 이미지

ICT-based Responses to COVID-19 of Korea

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Course Information

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety(MOIS) and National Information Society Agency(NIA) developed a course titled “ICT-based Responses to COVID-19 of Korea” in order to share experiences of how the Korean government responds to COVID-19 by utilizing digital government and ICT. informatization and ICT-based strategy to respond to infectious diseases.

This course aims to improve the policy capability to respond to infectious diseases based on ICT that is suitable for each country’s situation based on an understanding of Korea’s healthcare informatization and ICT-based strategy to respond to infectious diseases.

This course is open to everyone who is interested in K-quarantine. All lectures are in English, and subtitle is provided in English and Korean.

Course Syllabus


This course has been developed with support from relevant ministries/public agencies and business companies including the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency, National Information Society Agency, Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service, and Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, NAVER, KT etc.


Mr. Yi Hankyung(a representative of the lecturers)

Directore General,

Social Disaster Response Policy Bureau,

Ministry of the Interior and Safety 


Support Team

Global Academy, NIA


Course Evalution

Learning Activity Quiz Discussion Final Exam
Percentage 40% 40% 20%
Certificate will be issued to those who get a passing mark of more than 60%.



Q. Do learners need the course materials?

A. Yes, you can download each material(PDF) for lectures.

Also, we will provide additional supplements if necessary.

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  1. Subject

    Medical Sciences
    (Therapeutics & Public Health)
  2. 강좌 내용의 어려운 수준을 의미합니다. 교양, 전공기초, 전공심화 순으로 난이도가 증가합니다.

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    National Information Society Agency
  4. 강좌의 구성 주차 수를 의미합니다. (강좌를 충실히 학습하기 위해 필요한 주당 학습시간을 의미합니다.)

    Course Week
    (Estimated Effort)

    (주당 03시간 00분)
  5. 본 강좌 이수자에게 인정되는 학습시간으로 해당 강좌의 동영상, 과제, 시험, 퀴즈, 토론 등의 시간을 포함합니다. (강의 내용과 관련된 동영상 재생 시간의 총 합계입니다.)

    Accredited learning time
    (Video Duration)

    08시간 00분
    (05시간 09분)
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    Registration Period

    2020.10.12 ~ 2020.10.23
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    Classes Period

    2020.10.12 ~ 2020.10.30